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Our Designer Radiators section offers the latest designs of innovative & efficient radiators, towel rails & radiator valves for every room in the house. Nationwide delivery service.


Ancona Horizontal Bench Seat 5 column

27 Variations

From£1,494.17INC VAT

Ancona Horizontal Bench Seat 6 column

27 Variations

From£1,538.74INC VAT

Ancona Vertical Bench Seat 4 column

21 Variations

From£1,011.86INC VAT

Ancona Vertical Bench Seat 5 column

21 Variations

From£1,068.29INC VAT

Ancona Vertical Bench Seat 6 column

21 Variations

From£1,137.66INC VAT

Athena Horizontal

18 Variations

From£526.37INC VAT

Athena V

12 Variations

From£554.95INC VAT

Canto Horizontal

16 Variations

From£221.14INC VAT

Ceramica Horizontal

4 Variations

From£1,358.80INC VAT

Ceramica V

9 Variations

From£1,248.65INC VAT

Ellipsis Horizontal

328 Variations

From£286.73INC VAT

Halo Electric

15 Variations

From£1,174.66INC VAT

Halo Horizontal

42 Variations

From£797.95INC VAT

Halo V

15 Variations

From£1,384.02INC VAT


6 Variations

From£2,813.45INC VAT

Immagina LED

6 Variations

From£4,499.34INC VAT

Iseo Horizontal

8 Variations

From£681.92INC VAT

Iseo V

8 Variations

From£490.21INC VAT


192 Variations

From£176.08INC VAT

Niro V

6 Variations

From£544.86INC VAT


144 Variations

From£191.21INC VAT

Oscar End Panel (Pair)

18 Variations

From£89.12INC VAT

Piano Horizontal

198 Variations

From£350.63INC VAT

Piano V

162 Variations

From£357.36INC VAT