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Our Designer Radiators section offers the latest designs of innovative & efficient radiators, towel rails & radiator valves for every room in the house. Nationwide delivery service.


Rivassa 3 Column Bronze Effect Vertical

2 Variations

From£313.32INC VAT

Rivassa 3 Column Chrome Effect Vertical

2 Variations

From£322.56INC VAT

Rivassa 3 Column Chrome Effect Horizontal

4 Variations

From£275.52INC VAT

Wendover Curved

48 Variations

From£50.40INC VAT

Wendover Straight

74 Variations

From£36.96INC VAT

Wendover Straight Multirail

10 Variations

From£225.96INC VAT


24 Variations

From£63.00INC VAT

Wingrave Flat Panel

24 Variations

From£207.48INC VAT

Wingrave Flat Panel Towel Hanger

16 Variations

From£39.48INC VAT

Withington Chrome Cover Cap Set

9 Variations

From£14.28INC VAT

Withington Horizontal

26 Variations

From£145.32INC VAT

Withington Vertical

27 Variations

From£200.76INC VAT

Witney Horizontal

10 Variations

From£417.48INC VAT

Witney Towel Hanger

9 Variations

From£49.56INC VAT

Witney Vertical

6 Variations

From£468.72INC VAT

Water Lily

60 Variations

From£388.80INC VAT

Ellipsis Vertical Tube

352 Variations

From£247.21INC VAT

VIP End Panel (Pair)

12 Variations

From£80.40INC VAT

Ancona Feature Finish Horizontal 4 column

152 Variations

From£167.59INC VAT

Ancona Feature Finish Vertical 2 column

18 Variations

From£284.72INC VAT

Ancona Feature Finish Vertical 3 column

18 Variations

From£321.61INC VAT

Argus Horizontal

45 Variations

From£236.02INC VAT

Trieste Mini

49 Variations

From£196.73INC VAT

Ancona Horizontal Bench Seat 4 column

27 Variations

From£1,451.29INC VAT