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Our Designer Radiators section offers the latest designs of innovative & efficient radiators, towel rails & radiator valves for every room in the house. Nationwide delivery service.


Hadleigh Horizontal

18 Variations

From£276.36INC VAT

Hadleigh Vertical

24 Variations

From£316.68INC VAT


32 Variations

From£226.80INC VAT


30 Variations

From£205.80INC VAT

Hurley Towel Rail

30 Variations

From£205.80INC VAT

Imperia 2 Column vertical Radiator

4 Variations

From£181.44INC VAT

Imperia 2 Column Radiator

19 Variations

From£126.00INC VAT

Imperia 3 Column Radiator

23 Variations

From£149.52INC VAT

Imperia Horizontal

12 Variations

From£188.16INC VAT

Imperia Vertical

8 Variations

From£236.04INC VAT

Kelmscott Chrome Cover Caps

8 Variations

From£16.80INC VAT

Kelmscott Horizontal

10 Variations

From£279.72INC VAT

Kelmscott Vertical

8 Variations

From£331.80INC VAT


18 Variations

From£220.92INC VAT

Kennet Dry Element Towel Rail

8 Variations

From£315.84INC VAT


16 Variations

From£256.20INC VAT


6 Variations

From£286.44INC VAT


12 Variations

From£366.24INC VAT

Malmesbury Horizontal

37 Variations

From£155.40INC VAT

Malmesbury Vertical

40 Variations

From£149.52INC VAT


30 Variations

From£297.36INC VAT

Marlow E-Style

30 Variations

From£216.72INC VAT

Murano Horizontal

16 Variations

From£267.12INC VAT

Murano Vertical

12 Variations

From£360.36INC VAT