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Our Designer Radiators section offers the latest designs of innovative & efficient radiators, towel rails & radiator valves for every room in the house. Nationwide delivery service.


Strata vertical

24 Variations

From£153.66INC VAT

Strata horizontal

24 Variations

From£173.16INC VAT

Cassius vertical

9 Variations

From£152.10INC VAT

Cassius horizontal

12 Variations

From£166.14INC VAT

Moto horizontal

12 Variations

From£137.28INC VAT

Moto vertical

4 Variations

From£251.94INC VAT

Ruvo vertical

6 Variations

From£354.90INC VAT

Vela Vertical

4 Variations

From£526.50INC VAT

Vela Horizontal

8 Variations

From£343.20INC VAT

Denali Stainless Steel

4 Variations

From£490.62INC VAT

Dune Vertical

18 Variations

From£695.76INC VAT

Delta Vertical

18 Variations

From£493.74INC VAT

Delta Horizontal

18 Variations

From£493.74INC VAT

Vela electric vertical

4 Variations

From£927.42INC VAT

Vela electric horizontal

8 Variations

From£651.30INC VAT

Cove mirror

4 Variations

From£221.52INC VAT

Cove vertical

30 Variations

From£113.88INC VAT

Cove horizontal

36 Variations

From£105.30INC VAT

Ardent 2 column vertical

15 Variations

From£177.06INC VAT

Ardent 3 column vertical

21 Variations

From£219.18INC VAT

Ardent 2 column horizontal

70 Variations

From£195.78INC VAT

Ardent 3 column horizontal

119 Variations

From£221.52INC VAT

Ardent 4 column horizontal

105 Variations

From£257.40INC VAT

Modus Electric 4 column

15 Variations

From£449.28INC VAT