Heating Period Homes


The beatufiul asthetics of period homes, its high ceilings and large sash windows are also what makes heating them more complicated.

So how do you conserve energy without spoiling the character of the building?

The easiest and most significant way to improve matters is to have any draughty sash windows upgraded (the vast majority of heat is lost through outside air entering the room). To do this properly, the windows should be removed and insulation strips then carefully inserted at the edges. We recommend using a company who specialise in this, as they will ensure that draughts are significantly reduced whilst not compromising the finish on the windows.

When looking at radiator placement it is not necessary to place them under the windows if you want to have full length curtains. Traditionally this was done as it meant any cold air entering will be immediately warmed before circulating into the room. However, if you can draught proof the windows then radiators can be placed next to, or between windows (tall, slim radiators are a good option).

Make sure to use thermostatic valves with the radiators. These maintain a pre-set room temperature and will take advantage on any "free heat" such as sun coming through the windows. Also, with tall period houses the upper rooms can benefit from the heated rooms below. When the upper rooms reach their required temperature the thermostatic valves will turn off the radiators, thereby saving you energy.

In keeping with your homes decor it is important you choose a traditional design, our two most popular choices for period homes are the Column Radiator or Cast Iron Radiators, both come in many different styles and whichever radiator you select, the final and arguably the most important thing to consider is the colour or finish of the radiator. We find that beige or other neautral finishes are a popular option for period properties as they complement warm interior colours and textures, especially in terms of column radiators. Many Cast Iron radiators we offer feature a scrolled design, this combined with a polished finish creates a very elegant finish that will look amazing in any period home.

Bisque Classic in beige quartz

Paladin Kensington in Hand Polished Finish

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