Yes all of the products are under guarentee and dependent on the type of radiator and company depends on the length of the guarentee. The guarentee for a certain product will be on the product page.

The Products on our website are supplied by a range of manufacturers which will all of their own lead time in being supplied to Stylish Radiators this lead time is specified on the Product Page. If its a Collection or Delivery to the customer once it gets to our showroom we will contact you to either to tell you, you are able to collect it or arrange delivery to suit your earliest convenience that we are able to do. However, if its direct delivery to you from the manufacturer they will contact you to arrange delivery.  

If you have pipework that comes up from the floor you would need Straight Valves however if your pipework comes from the wall you would need some Angled Valves

A TRV valve also known as a thermostatic valve can regulate the air temperature by automatically regulating the amount of hot water that enters the radiator they are attached to.

At Stylish Radiators we accept all major payments accept from American Express.