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Windsor Luxury Bleed Valve - Paladin Radiators

  • Delivery Time: 20 Working Days
  • Finish: Antique Copper
  • Guarantee: 20 Years
  • Product Code: PAL/BV-ANTC


All our cast iron radiators come with a brass bleed valve as standard however if you wish to add another dimension of beauty to your custom built and finished cast iron radiator we offer a range of Windsor radiator bleed valves to match our manual or thermostatic radiator valves as well as our custom finishes. Bleed valves otherwise known as air vents are an essential fitting for the cast iron radiator as they are used to bleed any excess air from the radiator which might have been taken in during installation. Bleeding your air vents will ensure that your cast iron radiator is fully efficient as all inner surfaces should be filled with hot water. If your cast iron radiator is not heating up sufficiently this may be due to the fact that the air vent needs bleeding until water runs from the air vent.

£7.50 INC VAT
RRP £7.50 inc VAT

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