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The finishing touch to any designer radiator or luxury towel warmer. A large selection of thermostatic or manual lockshield valve sets to suit all styles of product.


Abbey Angled Lever

3 Variations

From£74.52INC VAT

Abbey Angled Manual

3 Variations

From£64.20INC VAT

Abbey Angled TRV

3 Variations

From£88.15INC VAT

Admiral Angled TRV

4 Variations

From£116.59INC VAT

Bradley Angled

3 Variations

From£30.00INC VAT

Commodore Angled Manual

4 Variations

From£96.44INC VAT

Commodore Straight Manual

4 Variations

From£118.07INC VAT

Cubex Square Angled

2 Variations

From£40.99INC VAT

Cubex Square Straight

2 Variations

From£48.13INC VAT

Delta Angled TRV

9 Variations

From£23.64INC VAT

Delta Corner TRV

10 Variations

From£25.54INC VAT

Eton Angled Manual

16 Variations

From£76.74INC VAT

Faringdon Corner TRV

16 Variations

From£97.60INC VAT

Gothic Angled TRV

4 Variations

From£95.53INC VAT

Milan Angled Manual

8 Variations

From£19.82INC VAT

Milan Straight Manual

6 Variations

From£19.82INC VAT

Realm Angled TRV

4 Variations

From£28.60INC VAT

Realm Corner TRV

4 Variations

From£30.68INC VAT

Realm Straight TRV

4 Variations

From£28.60INC VAT

Rosa Angled Manual

4 Variations

From£61.63INC VAT

Westminster Angled

4 Variations

From£28.99INC VAT

Sleeve Kit (130mm)

16 Variations

From£15.95INC VAT

Electric Element (PTC)

5 Variations

From£30.86INC VAT

Luxury Wall Stays

14 Variations

From£27.44INC VAT